Service Printers

Creating a PDF from Adobe InDesign

Before creating a PDF, please keep in mind:

Exporting to PDF

First, download and install the Service Printers PDF Preset settings to ensure the best possible results.

Next, under the File menu, choose Export, name your PDF file, and choose "Adobe PDF" as the format. Click "Save" and select the Service Printers PDF Preset settings you just downloaded and installed. Click "Export."

If you do not want to download our settings you can use the following settings in the Export PDF dialogue box:

General Settings:

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Compression Settings:

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Marks and Bleeds Settings:

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Output Settings:


Advanced Settings:

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When all these settings are correct, click Export

1 Separations are ways to make sure the proper colors are going to print where they should. This is especially important when using spot colors. When you print separations you will be printing one page for each color in your document.

For documents that have no spot colors, you will be printing 4 pages - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. For documents with spot colors you'll be printing the 4 CMYK pages plus pages for each spot color.

To print separations from InDesign, go to File > Print... and follow the settings in the image below:

2 Bleed is the term used to describe images that extend to the edges of the printed paper. To account for mechanical variations during trimming, it is recommended that you include an extra 1/8-inch on each edge of your project and extend images to this outer edge if they are to 'bleed' off the edge of the final piece. For more information see About Bleed -


3 In InDesign, go to File > Print and select the settings shown in the image below.


4 In InDesign, click on File > Print, then select "Output" from the menu on the left. Then Click the "Ink Manager" button and select the "All Spot to Process" check box.