Variable Data Printing

What is VDP?

Variable Data Printing allows for you to personalize each and every printed piece for every customer. Studies have shown that using Variable Data in your 1:1 marketing campaigns can significantly increase your ROI.

If you are mailing anything you are probably already using a form of VDP, but it can go so much farther than just inkjetting mailing addresses on postcards. Instead of a generic message saying, "Hello Valued Customer. We have some new products to show you," you can send specific customers marketing materials that directly relate to recent purchases and any other data that is in your database.

What it looks like

Based on marketing goals and information collected in a database, items can be customized to deliver specific messages to customers who match a target market. In the following example we want to offer a discount on pedicures to new customers who have recently purchased foot-care items, while giving free massages to returning customers who have shown interest in products that promote relaxation. We also want to personalize each piece with the customer's name.

We might find records like this in the database:

Record 1:
Name: Julie Smith
Last Purchase: Nail Polish, Red
Customer Status: First Time Shopper

Record 2:
Name: Jane Jones
Last Purchase: Essentia Oils, Lavender
Customer Status: Preferred Customer

Record 1 shows that Julie Smith is a first-time buyer from this store and purchased nail polish, so based on the marketing strategy mentioned above, Julie Smith's postcard might look like:

Record 2 shows Jane Jones is a returning customer belonging to a loyalty program and has recently purchased a relaxing essential oil. So, Jane Jones' postcard might look like:

VDP is as powerful as your data and is perfect for business cards, brochures, flyers, post cards, catalogs - anything you can think of! We have a state-of-the-art digital printing press that is perfect for short run Variable Data Printing. We can also work with long-run personalized print jobs as well! Call us today to find out how you can use VDP in your marketing campaigns and how Service Printers can deliver the highest quality at reasonable prices. Toll-Free: 1-800-877-4684.