Page Bleeds, continued

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Move or Shift Images

If your image is not large enough to extend beyond the page edge for a bleed, you can choose to move the image or graphic. Because this will alter the layout by decreasing the viewed size, this choice may need to be weighed with respect to the design integrity of the project, and preferably decided by the creator of the artwork rather than the commercial printer. In the example below, Bleed-Move - Before and Bleed-Move - After, you will see that because the butterfly is tightly cropped, part of the image will be lost after the bleed is pulled beyond the page edge.

Image Scaling

In the example below, Bleed-Enlarge-Butterfly_Before and Bleed-Enlarge-After, the choice was made to enlarge the image to accommodate the bleed. Usually a 2% enlargement (102%) is adequate for a bleed. This choice, as in the above Move Image example, will change the design integrity of the project by creating a new crop point in the photograph. Since the choice of whether to move or enlarge the graphic element that is too tightly cropped will affect the design integrity of the project, the designer rather than the commercial printer should make this choice.


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