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Anamorphic Image Scaling

Similar to the Image Scaling description above, anamorphic scaling is the enlargement of only one dimension of the graphic element, either the height or width to accomodate the bleed. This type of scaling is considered a distortion but can be unnoticeable. As you can see in the example below, Anamorphic Bleed - Beach-Before and Anamorphic Bleed - Beach-After the width has been enlarged, but the height has remained the same.


If the graphic element is not large enough to be bled, but the area is a solid, a tint area, or has similar characteristics such as the example below with sky and undefined clouds, you may be able to use the step-and-repeat function in your layout program to create the additional bleed area. Do this by copy and pasting a duplicate image on top of the first, shifting the duplicate into the bleed area, and then sending the duplicated image to the background. Ideally, there is no visual integrity loss, as you can see in the examples below, Step-Repeat_Desert-Before and Step-Repeat_Desert-After.


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